Yoga for Body Cleansing | Body Detoxification, Improve Digestion and Diet Tips in English

Respiratory problems is a common issue found in a majority of people, usually caused due to weak lungs and/or subjection to heavy pollution.The position of “Jala-Neti” also called “Nasal Irrigation”. Like all other Asanas, this one too has multiple health benefits.

Key Physical Benefits:
1. Cleanses the nasal passage
2. Helps in curing cold
3. Cures Sinus Infections

Learn the practice of Sutra Neti (guiding a thread through the nostrils). This Hatha Yoga Kriya (cleansing practice) is designed to help clear and cleanse the sinus passages and eyes, corrects mechanical blockages, balances Kapha (fat and phlegm) in the body, strengthens the mucus membrane and leaves the face feeling clear and fresh! Great for those sensitive to dust and other airborne particles.
Vamana Dhauti or Kunjal Kriya is a yogic cleansing technique in which a large quantity of water is drunk to cleanse the entire digestive tract. Dhauti in general is an important part of the Shatkarma/Shatkriya, the yogic system of body cleansing techniques which is intended mainly to the cleaning of the digestive tract in its full length. In this cleansing practice the stomach is flushed by drinking several glasses of saline water on an empty stomach, the first thing in the morning.

You then consciously induce a vomiting reflex to regurgitate the water ingested. The fore or index finger, middle finger and the small finger of the right hand is used by inserting it in your mouth and pressing a little at the end of the tongue to gag. As revolting as this method sounds, it’s not as bad or unpleasant, unlike actually throwing up food or something not agreeable to the stomach. The water usually comes out clear in gushes removing any remnant food and also helps replace the mucus lining. In short by performing this cleansing ritual the stomach and the oesophagus are washed clean of any impurities from the inside.


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