Will a Probiotic Help Me Lose Weight?

Probiotics are all the rage, but will they help you lose weight? I share the research and interesting facts about probiotics and fat loss.

Probiotics are bacteria that you eat, which sounds like a silly thing to do. But when ingested, these good bacteria get planted in your gut where they help with everything from building a strong immune system to calming bloating after a meal.

Researchers have found that the bacteria living in the gut of an obese person is different than that of a lean person. This observation has led to speculation that a healthy gut means a healthy weight.

In this video, I share…
*The good and the bad of the research when it comes to probiotics and gut health.
*Why scientists performed gastric bypass on mice to learn about gut bacteria.
*What to beware of when buying a probiotic
*How to get the most out of a probiotic by eating the right foods

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