Why Eating Resistant Starch Is Optimal For Gut Health

Have you heard about resistant starch and why it is so important for gut health? In this video I am going to share with you why resistant starch is so beneficial for you, or more specifically for your bacteria.

The main reason why resistant starch is so beneficial is that it feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut, specifically in your colon.

It increases the fermentation and the production of short chain fatty acids, such as butyrate (which is known to help reduce inflammation).

Why is this important?

Butyrate is the preferred energy source for cells lining the colon. It helps to lower the pH of our bowel, making it less hospitable for bad bacteria and pathogens and increases good bacteria. It is also extremely helpful in cases of autoimmunity, IBS, colitis and allergies.

Not only that resistant starch supports the body’s gut function, immune strength, detoxification and specific vitamin production.

Find out about one of the best sources of resistant starch.

This starch doesn’t affect blood sugar levels, as your body doesn’t digest it. Your gut bacteria does.

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