What Does Gut Health Have to Do with Weight Loss?

This is a video I did for the Permanent Weight Loss Community on Facebook Live on 11/9/2017. We discuss steps you can take to enhance your gut health, and thus improve your chances of losing weight for good.

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This group is for people who are looking to lose 50 or more lbs, is for people who are looking to prevent debilitating, impending disease(s) due to unhealthy lifestyle habits, and is for people who are looking to avoid undergoing weight loss surgery. It is for folks who are tired of wasting money on fad diets, on short-term fitness programs, and on BS supplements that do nothing more than keep you in a constant cycle of yo-yoing with both your weight and your health.

Members of this group will learn how to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable and PERMANENT way! As a result, you’ll never have to count calories again, you’ll never have to pay for a gym membership you’ll never use, and you’ll never have to go under the knife for a procedure that can’t possibly guarantee long-term health and weight loss results.

If this sounds good to you, then join us! We’re a community of likeminded individuals who want the same thing that you do: Permanent Weight Loss! 

To join, please go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/pwl50plus/  

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