[Wellness Series] Feed Yourself: Healthy eating on a budget

In the first episode of our Wellness Series online, Scott chats to Dr Bec, (Rebecca Charlotte Reynolds MSc PhD RNutr) of http://wholesomely.com.au/ about nutrition and healthy eating on a budget.

Arc Sport’s Wellness Series //
Need some inspiration to get fit? Want to kiss goodbye the Mi Goreng and learn how to eat well on a budget?

Watch our Wellness Series – free health-focused seminars with successful sports and industry spokespersons, personal trainers, physiotherapists and nutritionists. The Wellness Series videos are available in our YouTube playlist here, or watch out for them on the dates below. Make sure you also stayed tuned to our Facebook page for the fortnightly releases.

More information on Arc Sport and our other awesome programs at http://sport.arc.unsw.edu.au/

Video kudos to the vHub volunteer program (arc.unsw.edu.au/get-involved/v­olunteerin­g/vhub)


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