Weight Loss through Body Detox | Body Detoxification Diet Course


There are several types of detox diets. There are those in which you can only eat fruits and vegetables, those in which you can only eat “clean” foods, those in which you can only drink fruit and vegetable juice, and the most extreme type where you can only drink water. You can also do specialized cleanses designed specifically for certain area of the body, for instance the liver, kidneys, blood or lungs. However, most detox diets just involve cleansing the entire body. Below…

Acai (pronounced ah-sa-i) is the berry of an Amazonian palm tree. This berry has a long traditional usage history in Brazil. It’s a small, round, black-purple colored fruit with a large seed which covers almost 80% of the berry. Global demand for this fruit has increased in the recent years, and this fruit is mainly cultivated for that particular purpose.

After Dr. Perricone had highlighted the acai berry as the number one antioxidant food in a famous celebrity show, The Oprah show, Oprah herself mentioned that she has decided to include acai berry in her diet. The berry was soon popular with various acai berry based weight loss plans. The acai berry is often paired with any colon cleansing product or other nutrient supplements who claim to attain weight loss.

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