Top Tips on Raising a Foodie Baby | How to Prevent Picky Eating in Kids

In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, two things you probably know about Abbey. Number one, she’s super pregnant and two, she’s a total foodie. Abbey is so excited to meet this baby and is super anxious to find out whether her babe will be a foodie like her. You might be thinking that you don’t have any control over those things, especially before baby is born, however thanks to some really cool research, we may have so more influence than we think. So Abbey has tested out this theory and is excited to share with you her top tips on raising a foodie baby.

First, let’s discuss how any of this is possible. Research has shown that the food that mom eats can actually flavour the amniotic fluid swallowed by the baby. This early sensory experiences can actually shape baby’s preferences for foods. And all of this can happen before baby even takes its first bite of food.

(1:13) Tip #1 Limit Junk Food

It can be hard to eat healthy when you feel like throwing up all the time and all you can keep down is buttered toast. Research has shown that people who consume a diet rich in junk food may produce babies that have preferences for these foods over healthier alternatives. Abbey gets that sometimes junk food is all you want to eat, but as much as possible make healthier swaps when you are eating out to help promote a healthier relationship with food for your baby.

(1:45) Tip #2 Introduce Flavours

Exposing your baby to a variety of flavours may improve baby’s palate and turn them into a professional gourmand. Studies have found that really distinct flavours transfer really well in utero. These foods include mint, garlic, vanilla, anise and a variety of spices. So try whipping up Abbey’s favourite High Protein Chicken Curry to help improve baby’s palate.

High Protein Chicken Curry:

(2:12) Tip #3 Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the best way to influence your baby’s food preferences and potentially prevent picky eating. They tested this theory by giving pregnant women carrot juice and other women water. They found that babies who were exposed to carrot juice in the amniotic fluid were way more accepting of having carrots in their cereal than those just given water.

(2:36) Tip #4 Eat Bitter Vegetables

Generally children like salty and sweet foods a lot more than bitter ones, however exposing them to bitter flavours in utero may help shape their palate later on. Try incorporating lots of dark and leafy vegetables into your diet. Abbey’s channel is packed with lots of great recipes to help get you started:

Vegan Collard Green Wraps:
Three Summer Salads:

(2:58) Tip #5 Do Not Stress

If you’re feeling like crap and all you can stomach is soda crackers and cheese puffs do not worry. The research is not strong enough to warrant any mom guilt. Your baby’s palate doesn’t stop forming at birth. It’s way more likely you’ll be able to form that palate through social shaping and through exposure outside of utero. Even though the research is very early and new, Abbey was just excited to get baby on board with her foodie lifestyle and it did encourage her to eat more salad over fries.

Abbey hopes you learned something and enjoyed this video!

For more tips on staying healthy, recipes, dieting, and information fit for consumption by foodies everywhere stop by Abbey’s blog.


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