Top 10 Foods to Cleanse Your Colon

The large intestine of the human body, also referred to as the ‘colon’, is part of the final stages of digestion. Waste material is stored in the colon before being removed by defecation. The colon maintains the residence of “friendly” bacteria that performs a host of useful functions. These gut bacteria produce large amounts of vitamins, the most important of these are Vitamin K and Biotin (a B vitamin). In addition, the lymphoid tissues in the colon help in the production of antibodies that fight against harmful bacteria, and thus prevent infections. To improve and promote good colon health a fiber-rich diet along with ‘colon friendly’ nutrients, can be very helpful in washing away toxins from the body.

1) Oatmeal
Oats have become a very popular ‘health food’ over the years, a grain containing phytochemicals that are associated with a reduced risk of numerous health-related conditions. Start your day with a steaming, freshly cooked bowl of oatmeal topped with berries and walnuts. Oats contain a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber which promotes the growth of “good” bacteria in the colon, helping to maintain colon health.

2) Probiotic Yogurt (Plain)
Yogurt is a food produced by bacterial fermentation of milk, is highly nutritious and provides a complete nutritional chart for the overall health. Probiotics in yogurt are “friendly” bacteria that have been widely studied for their many health effects. Their natural antibiotics help stimulate immune response and contribute to a healthy digestive tract.

3) Turmeric
Turmeric, an ancient spice used in Indian and Chinese folk medicine, has powerful therapeutic properties. It’s major active component “curcumin” has natural anti-inflammatory effects and strong antioxidants that have profound healing benefits for the entire body. This exceptional spice of the ginger family, has the ability to cleanse the entire digestive system and destroy harmful bacteria that reside in the colon.

4) Fresh Fruit
Daily consumption of fresh fruit provides a unique nutritional profile that prolongs successful well-being and helps the body free from chronic diseases. The chemical process of fruit has no toxic waste products that are difficult to remove from the body, and it even stimulates the removing of toxic elements. Fruits are important sources of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber that help keep the colon healthy, especially when eaten along with their skins. The 80% water-content in fruit, hydrates the colon and helps slow harmful bacteria-growth.

5) Vegetables
The unique phytonutrients of fresh vegetables have shown to possess health promoting and disease preventing properties. Greens are low in calories and fat drawing the attention of fitness conscious and overall health. The high-fiber and enzyme content in fresh veggies, have powerful colon-cleansing properties through their detoxifying action. Furthermore, a diet rich in vegetable nutrition, particularly cruciferous, is associated with various cancer-fighting phytochemicals that may lower the risk of colon cancer, along with other many cancers.

6) Sweet Potatoes
Dietary colon-cleansing improves the body’s function and may even reduce the risk for colon polyps. By releasing body waste rapidly, you clear the way for nutrients and vitamins to be absorbed more easily into the bloodstream. Sweet potatoes contain important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that lower the potential health risk of cancer cell-growth in the colon.

7) Water
Remaining waste in the colon releases toxins and bacteria that cause the colon tissue to become inflamed and diseased. Our body consists of 60% water which helps transport nutrients and digest food, along with other endless benefits. Plain water is a nutrient on its own, assisting every cell in the body to function correctly. Adequate intake of water, 6-8 glasses daily, can help flush out harmful substances and waste from the body, especially from the colon.

8) Beans
numerous studies connect bean intake with a reduced risk of certain cancers, especially colorectal cancer. The high protein, low glycemic index, complex carbs, and the impressively high fiber in dry beans, provide an “all-inclusive” colon-cleansing package.

9) Garlic
Fresh garlic is widely used for its therapeutic properties and its potentially powerful antibiotics. The major component of garlic ‘allicin’, which is responsible for the impressive garlic smell, attributes to potent medical properties and anti-inflammatory agents.

10) Brown Rice
Whole grains have often been labeled the healthiest grains, providing wholesome nutrients that can make an important difference in your health. The extremely high-fiber content in brown rice helps the body move waste quicker through your system, reducing the risk of intestinal-tract diseases.


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