Tips to Making Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters

Prepare Healthy Breakfasts Everyday
The most important meal of the day is breakfast and a good way to instill this to them is by being good examples. Picky eaters find meals interesting when the food is served warm making it look so delicious to eat. You can serve colorful fruit smoothies, chocolate-flavored cow’s milk, tasty soy milk and fresh fruits.

Make it Fun and Interesting
Start off by serving their food arranged in their plates in an interesting way, shape their sandwiches or add in dips to their regular vegetable sticks.

Sneak in Healthy Foods
A good way to do this is by distracting them with the food’s presentation. A good example would be pastas. Instead of the regular pasta, why not use elbow macaroni or a different color of the pasta. Then make sure to make it real tasty by adding sauce but pour in vegetables such as carrots or potatoes. You can also add in veggies to soups and casseroles.

Make Use of Dips
Make those boring vegetable sticks more interesting for them by pairing it with hummus dip or using it as spread for whole grain pittas which you can toss in grilled bacon, grated cheese, spinach and tomato slices. If your picky eater doesn’t like fruit very much, why not whip up yogurt and top it with colorful and tasty fruits such as peaches, berries or just about any fruit.

Appearance is also Important
Remember, for picky eaters, no matter how hard you tell your child that it really taste good, if the food doesn’t look attractive, it won’t stand a chance. Make it all fun by using colorful plates, cartoon-themed placemats or funny looking cups.

Make them Involved
Let them to pick the vegetable and fruit they want to eat and you can start from there. Talk to them on how they want it to be cooked or better yet, ask them why they don’t like eating it.

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