Tips for liver cleansing and gall stones | Lavleen Kaur (dietitian & lifestyle coach)

Here are the tips from Dt Lavleen on the following topics:
-Liver cleansing
-Gall bladder stone
-Food to boost liver immunity
-Gall bladder stone remedies
-Acidity remedies
Dt. Lavleen Kaur is known as North India’s most trusted, qualified and award winning dietitian, Clinical Nutritionist & a Lifestyle Coach. She holds a masters degree in Foods & Nutrition backed with experience working in reputed local hospitals. She founded Diet Insight in 2014, a diet clinic situated in Chandigarh with a team of qualified dietitians, nutritionists, Ayurveda doctors and lifestyle coaches, serving personalized diet plans to clients worldwide (via the mobile app ‘Diet Insight’) to manage obesity, Thyroid, PCOD/S, Diabetes, Hypertension and all other lifestyle disorders.

She does not believe in strict nutrition philosophies, staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, she encourages use of food as medicine with a holistic approach.
“Eat what you can sustain and easily integrate it into your lifestyle. Being on a diet is about feeling great, having more energy, and keeping yourself as healthy as possible – all of which can be achieved by learning some nutrition basics and incorporating them in a way that works for you.”
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