Things Diabetics Should Never Forget

It’s always a good idea to be prepared for an emergency. If you’re living with diabetes health experts say there are certain things you should never leave the house without.

Hard candy, glucose tablets, even juice. They’re just a few things Dr. Patricia Sareh, an endocrinologist on staff at Lee Memorial Health System, says people living with diabetes should keep on hand. “Something that they can use in case of an emergency, in case of low blood sugar.”

If a patient is living with type one or type two diabetes it’s important they monitor their blood sugar. “They need to make sure they have their glucometers to check their sugars if they feel symptoms of low blood sugar,” said Dr. Sareh.

If their blood sugar drops, patients may experience shakiness, hunger, dizziness, blurry vision, even pass out. “If they’re able to eat, give them something to eat and then check their sugar right away,” said Dr. Sareh. But if the patient can’t eat they may need a glucagon pen. The injection will raise the patient’s blood sugar.

“If they’re on insulin, they might need to carry the insulin with them because some insulins are given before meals,” said Dr. Sareh.

If a patient is on insulin they have a few options to choose from. “Our insulins have improved a lot compared to insulins a few years back and we have the short acting insulins that are timed before meals. So they are given before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner. We have long acting insulin that’s given once a day,” said Dr. Sareh.

The different forms of insulin offer patients more flexibility with when they can take it. The patient’s insulin can always be adjusted if needed. “Being a diabetic you’re always going to be dealing with that. You’re always going to have low blood sugars or high blood sugars,” said Dr. Sareh. Which is why, she says, it’s important for patients to be prepared and meet regularly with their doctor.

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