These Foods Will Improve Gut Health

Kefir or homemade yogurt probiotic goats
Fermented veggies kimchi, kabas, coconut kefir, sourkraut
Coconut oil

Sprouted flax seeds
Steamed veggies or crockpot carrots broccoli and celery and squash

Sauerkraut- cultured veggies sour veggies , pickle , cabbage, ,

Dark chocolate

Kimchi-korean veggies deep red peppers antioxidants, boosts circulations, spice

Kombucha- make it a tea, its the #1 beverage in America, great acids, b viatmins and polyphenolic acid, and enzynes

Kefir to feel good in turkey- It has yeasts and healthy bacteria- use raw goat milk grass fed, or use Amasai , Lassi, Coconut water or cream, great enzymes

Coconut kefir- kefir grains, kefir starter
Natto- fermented food , Indonesia,k2 eat with black rice

-sheep milk yogurt or goat
-beet kvass curb carb cravings

Apple cider & coconut vinegar acetobacter/ malic acid
Real pickles avoid white vinegar


Chrohns disease, lactose intolerant, leaky gut , diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis , gluten intolerance , ibs , diarrhea etc, exzema, b.o, and more. Antibiotics

Aid your skin, immune system


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