The SECRET to Gut Health Revealed | What to Eat | Supplements that Make a Difference

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You can make your gut healthy again and keep it that way.

Scientists recently discovered REVOLUTIONARY new information that much of the bacteria in our body is good for us.

There is a significant connection between the gut and the immune system that protects us from everything from the common cold to cancer.

These trillions of cells, our gut flora, also impact our mood.

Neurologist and best selling author Dr. Perlmutter says even serious brain disorders like ADHD, autism, and Alzheimer’s can improve by increasing good bacteria because the good bacteria make neurotransmitters and vitamins while reducing inflammation.

Scientists are now identifying specific strains of good bacteria that treat all kinds of problems from skin rashes to the flu.

That means a targeted probiotic could take the place of a prescribed drug.

Unfortunately when it comes to good gut bacteria many of us are sorely lacking.

“We all carry good and bad bugs— it’s the imbalance that seems to be the biggest trigger for our illnesses.” – Dr. David Pulmetter, MD

This video will warn you which surprising lifestyle and medical choices are having lifelong negative ramifications on your gut and your health and what you can do instead.

– Avoid the BIG MISTAKES most Americans are making, which is turning into a worldwide epidemic and harming the balance of bacteria in our gut.

– While our lifestyle choices can either harm or help our intestinal flora, the good news is we can make our gut healthy again and keep it that way!

– Specific lifestyle changes, the foods we eat and don’t eat, and various supplements like probiotics and probiotics can make a significant difference to your health.

– Learn how adding certain special prebiotic fibers can help with immediate weight loss and improvement of mood.

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