The Search For Truth EP1 | THOR Workout | One Food For Gut Health

Today I’m announcing a new video style. We talk about a lot of good stuff in this video including:

1. The new style and what to expect
2. January 15th is the beginning of THERMO30 which is the 30 day challenge for following the Thermo Diet protocol for anyone who is interested in joining in! Many of the team from our UMZU office is going to be doing it so you can follow along as well if you’d like
3. One food (sauerkraut) that is super good for your health – good for your gut health since it is high in probiotics as well as vitamin k2
4. what to look for in a good meat source
5. Working on the Thermo Diet book
6. THOR Workout training
7. My big announcement about two new movies I’m going to be in this year
8. How to win free UMZU products (contest details) – follow my instagram @_christopherwalker, like my recent pic, then click the link in the bio to enter

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