The Fast Track Detox Diet and the Health Benefits of Fasting – Ann Louise Gittleman

The One-Day Fat Flush

Ann Louise Gittleman brings the age-old practice of fasting into the 21st century by integrating her safe and healthy fast into a powerful lifestyle program that made its debut on 20/20 in April of 2005. This easy detox diet includes a Seven-Day Prequel consisting of healing foods to prepare the major detox organs; a One-Day Fast featuring a deliciously spiced Miracle Juice designed to stave off hunger and regulate blood sugar; a Three-Day Sequel adding in probiotics to support immunity; and three maintenance approaches that offer something to every dieter out there.

Detox, diet, and women’s health pioneer, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, is the author of over 30 books including the NY Times Bestseller ‘The Fat Flush Plan’. She has always been a trendsetter. With millions of followers nationwide, she has the uncanny ability to pinpoint major health concerns and provide solutions years ahead of anybody else.

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