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Learn how to slim down and reduce belly fat with proven simple-to-implement tips from nutrition expert Susan Bowerman, MS, RD, CSSD, FAND.

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is the fat that lies around your internal organs in your stomach region. It’s important to have some visceral fat because it acts as padding that protects your internal organs, but having too much belly fat can negatively impact your health.

Too much belly fat / visceral fat releases chemical and hormone substances into your blood stream that may have negative effects on your health and cause disease. The easiest way to determine if you have too much belly fat is to look at your body. If your waist is larger than your hips then you likely have a little, or a lot, too much belly fat. Visceral fat is much easier to lose than the fat that accumulates on your hips and on your thighs.

Some people naturally have more of an apple shape whereas others tend to store fat around their belly as they age. The build up of fat around the tummy, often known as a ‘beer belly’, indicates a far more serious concern than comfortably squeezing into your jeans. If you notice that you’re starting to store fat around your belly, then the time to take action is right now.

How can you prevent or get rid of excess belly fat? Diet and exercise! The best way to lose weight and burn fat is to implement a nutrition and exercise program into your daily routine. For advice to help trim your tummy, take a look at these short nutrition and fitness articles:

As people age they’re likely to experience some middle age spread but there are a few things that can help you look and feel healthier. For more details about how to avoid storing weight around your belly look here: While you may start to gain weight as you age, middle age spread – and an excess increase in visceral fat – is not inevitable.

Has this helped you better understand belly fat? Learn more about healthy nutrition by checking out Susan Bowerman’s playlist at or take a look at Susan Bowerman’s healthy eating blog:


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