The Basics of Detox Diet Learning Possible Effects — The Basics of Detox Diet Learning Possible Effects

There are a lot of ways on how to live a healthier life and at the same time shed off those unwanted body fats.

One technique that is fast gaining popularity is the detox diet. What are there to know about this particular type of diet?

This kind of diet may be done in a lot of ways, but in general, its aim is to reduce the ingestion of chemicals that may not be helpful for the body.

This may be obtained by eating foods that are rich in fiber, so that toxins can be easily eliminated by frequent bowel movement.

In every detoxification, there is a tendency of the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms.

For instance, if a person cuts down his intake of caffeine, he may experience headache during the first few days of his withdrawal.

Thus, practitioners recommend that instead of a sudden withdrawal they should try to slowly decrease their caffeine intake; as they say, slowly but surely.

Diarrhea may also be a drawback, and if it worsens, it may even lead to dehydration.

You should remember that a detox diet should not be continued for a longer period because it may lead to nutrient deficiencies like protein and calcium.
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