The Amazing 1 Month Grape Cleanse and what happened to my body

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In This Video:
“The Amazing 1 Month Grape Cleanse and what happened to my body”

This video will walk you through my total experience, and bodily changes that occurred during my journey on a 1 month long diet of eating ONLY grapes.

The amount of detoxification, purification and healing that your body will go through whilst on this cleanse is profound. This practice is not new. Fruit healing has been prescribed and known about for countless ages, but the secrets were lost, and in many cases purposefully obfuscated from the collective minds of men. Healers have used this all powerful fruit of nature to heal every ailment under the sun, whether cancer, tuberculosis, you name it..

Should you wish to attempt this, the method is as simple as is sounds

Step 1:. Stop eating everything that is not a grape

Step 2: Eat Nothing but grapes

that’s literally it. If you want, you can make grape smoothies, grape juice, or eat whole grapes. you can even warm the grapes up in the oven for an even tastier grape treat.. Eat only when you are hungry, but as a general rule, the less you eat the better. I would say two full grape meals a day, with the occasional snack here and there if you need.. Good luck my friends, Let me know how your journey goes.

P.s. Read A book called “The Grape Cure” by Johanna Brandt. great little book 🙂

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