The 9 Benefits of Following the Lemonade or Master Cleanse Diet

In this video, after a brief introduction to the principles of the Lemonade Diet (which is also called the Master Cleanse), I outline 9 potential benefits for anyone who chooses to follow this diet.

1. Cleanses body of toxins

The drinks that you make will flush out impurities in your body

2. Reduces weight

For 10 days you are only drinking fluids and so you will almost certainly lose weight

3. Increased energy

This is linked to point No.1. Because your internal organs are being cleansed, you will feel better and have more energy. You will also feel better because the ingredients of the lemonade diet are very healthy

4. Ingredients simple to get hold of.

Who cannot buy lemons, Maple syrup and cayenne pepper in a local shop? Do you need to buy water.

5. Ingredients cheap to buy

These ingredients are not expensive- although good quality maple syrup will be the most expensive item.

6. Recipe for the lemonade simple to follow. There are only 4 ingredients to mix together.

7. Removes cravings related to junk food, drugs, alcohol.

How beneficial would this be?

8. It was created 60 years ago- these ideas have stood the test of time.

This diet is no passing fad. It has been used by successive generations for 6 decades.

9. Diet lasts 10 days. In less than 2 weeks you can change your life.

How motivating is that?


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