The 10 Best Foods How To Cleanse The Liver : VitaLife Show Episode 173

The 10 Best Foods How To Cleanse The Liver

In this episode of the Vitalife show with Dr. Janine Bowring, ND, the topic of discussion is the 10 best foods to cleanse the liver. Dr. Bowring shares the benefits of clearing toxins from the liver, no matter where they come from. The toxins could be dietary, or from the environment. Quite likely your body is giving you signs that your liver is toxic. Common symptoms of liver toxicity include headaches, digestive issues, low thyroid function with slowed metabolism, fatigue and many more symptoms of liver toxicity.

So the 10 best foods for cleansing the liver include: Dandelion, this herb, especially the root helps to detoxify the liver, and the leaves also detox the liver and the kidneys.

Kale, a bitter green leafy vegetable, which are always the best for liver detox, is best incorporated into the diet in the raw form. Kale can be added to salads, or smoothies.

Beets help to cleanse both the liver and kidneys.

Broccoli is great for a liver detox, part of the Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C) group of veggies, helping to balance high estrogen levels in women and especially high in anti-oxidants.

Garlic is also a great liver cleanser, best eaten raw.

Green tea helps detoxify the liver and is a very potent anti-oxidants, containing EGCG.

Milk thistle is an herb that not only detoxes the liver, but also helps to regenerate healthy liver cells.

Pomegranates contain phytonutrients that are great liver cleansers.

Chlorella is a blue/green algae that helps to detox the liver, and traps heavy metal toxins like mercury and arsenic.

Brussel sprouts, also in the same family as broccoli, contains the important I3C’s for detoxification in the liver, especially for women and balancing the hormones

Dr. Bowring formulated a supplement for full body detox, VitaDetox to detoxify not only the liver, but all the internal organs at once. This full body detox is the safest way to detoxify, because sometimes you can make things worse by just detoxing one organ, eg. the liver, on its own. You can push toxins to other organ systems that may not be ready to handle the toxins in the first place.

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