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Hey, guys, it’s Thomas, and today I want to talk about true detoxing.

So first and foremost, let me be honest here…our bodies are naturally equipped to be able to detox, with the use of glutathione.

0:38 – Glutathione is an antioxidant that prevents damage to important cellular components caused by reactive oxygen species.

However, what we have to factor in are all the toxins we are exposed to: heavy metals, pollutants, and chemicals. This is more than what our bodies are accustomed to handling. Today, I want to focus on heavy metal detoxing.

Now heavy metals come in through a variety of different ways, but they predominantly come in through eating seafood. Now these metals are very hard to remove…they sit in your cells and soft tissues, making it hard for our bodies to truly get rid of them.

Now this is where chlorella comes in…

1:46 – Chlorella is a green freshwater algae native to Japan and Taiwan rich in numerous micro and macro-nutrients.

So what chlorella does, is it adds additional molecules that allow your body to bind with those actual heavy metals, and then flush them out of your system.

3:15 – Heavy metals have to go through chelation, which is the binding of molecules to these heavy metals in order for the body to actually process and excrete them. So, since chlorella has these molecules, it gives our bodies a natural ability to detox a lot more effectively, and there are a lot of studies that have proven that!

So there are a few different ways to take chlorella…

4:50 – The first way is to take chlorella with meals to stop heavy metals from being absorbed.

5:06 – The second way is to take chlorella on an empty stomach to eliminate any extra toxins in the gut.

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