Supporting Gut Health with Restore (Ion* Gut Health)

Fred Liers, PhD talks about Restore™ (now known as ION* GUT HEALTH) liquid supplement and how it supports gut health by helping the body maintain tight junctions, improves communications among gut bacteria, contributes to a healthy and diverse gut microbiome, and promotes immune system function.

ION* GUT HEALTH (formerly RESTORE) helps restore gut health. It strengthens integrity of tight junctions in the intestinal wall. Maintaining tight junctions is important because they protect your body from substances entering the bloodstream. Ion* Gut Health also supports the communications systems of bacteria in the microbiome.

Tight junctions are natural barriers protecting the lining of the gut barrier, organs such as kidneys and heart, and the blood-brain barrier thereby keeping out unwanted substances. Even as we take in nutrients from the GI tract, the function of tight junctions is maintaining the integrity of the gut wall and other barriers protecting the body.

Our gut membrane has a tough job keeping out unwanted substances. Because tight junctions are weakened by many things, including highly processed foods, especially those containing gluten and gliadin, the herbicide glyphosate (the main ingredient in RoundUp weedkiller), and exposures like electromagnetic fields (EMF) from digital devices and Wi-Fi networks.

As a result of weakened tight junctions, undesirable substances from food proteins, harmful chemicals and other toxins can enter our bloodstream. This can lead to a powerful immune response that weakens immunity and causes significant inflammation. Foreign substances in the bloodstream can also result in extreme food allergies and food sensitivities to various toxins entering the body.

Microbiome health is under assault. Studies show our ancient ancestors had 20,000–30,000 different strains of beneficial bacteria in their GI tracts. Many people today have just 5,000 or less. Why is that?

There are many reasons for low microbiome diversity. These reasons include antiobiotic use (both from pharmaceuticals and foods), glyphosate (which essentially acts like an antibiotic), processed foods (especially those containing gluten and gliadin), and systemic degradation of the #gut environment rendering it less hospitable for maintaining health populations of gut flora.

These impacts are significant because diversity in your #microbiome not only supports gut health, but also appropriate brain health, immune system health, and overall vitality. Restore acts as a “microbiome fertilizer” helping establish and maintain healthy microbiota.

In fact, ION* GUT HEALTH contains important “redox” molecules produced millions of years ago by existing soil bacteria. These molecules are an important part of communications systems within the body between gut bacteria and with the body’s mitochondria. These communication systems play an important role in establishing proper homeostasis throughout the body.


• Maintaining strong tight junctions for mega membrane health, and helping the body restore tight junction integrity
• Creating an environment in which beneficial bacteria can thrive
• Boosting microbiome diversity
• Healing the gut
• Mitigating the adverse effects substances like antibiotics, gluten/gliadin, glyphosate, and GMOs on microbiome health
• Supporting immune system function
• Protecting integrity of blood-brain barrier

Other benefits include support for respiratory wellness, enhancing mental clarity, and promoting proper homeostasis throughout the body.

Directions: Start by taking 1/2 to 1 teaspoon or less daily, and gradually increase your dose to one tablespoon or more. Sensitive individuals may wish to start with just a few drops and slowly increase their dose.


Ion* Gut Health protects the entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract against agricultural herbicides, antibiotics, GMOs, gluten, and food-borne toxins. #Ion * Gut Health helps create an environment in which 20,000–30,000 different strains of beneficial gut bacteria can thrive. This is a different mode of action from probiotics, most of which contain just 3–30 strains of beneficial bacteria.

ION* GUT HEALTH helps create a strong immune system along with proper gut function. Microbiome balance and tight junction integrity are known to constitute a significant part of the immune system. They directly affect DNA transcription of cells to promote optimal health and prevent leaky gut syndrome, thereby improving gut intelligence.

Let ION* GUT HEALTH be your first line of defense against assaults on gut health.

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