Sal Di Stefano on Gut Health, HPA Axis Dysfunction, Mindful Eating, and More…

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In this episode, I interview my buddy Sal from the hugely popular Mind Pump Podcast, which he hosts with Adam and Justin, and which you should definitely check out.

I wanted Sal to talk about three topics that he’s particularly revved up about recently, and that’s gut health, overcoming systemic fatigue, and using mindful/intuitive eating strategies over more rigid, planning/tracking-based strategies.

Here’s a little sneak peek of what we talk about in today’s interview:

What “leaky gut” is and how it can affect your body.
How artificial sweeteners can harm our gut health, and how that can in turn affect many aspects of our health and wellness.
What “HPA/HPAT Axis Dysfunction” is, why many people are suffering from it, and what you can do to beat it.
Some of Sal’s favorite mindfulness practices.
And more…

4:59 – Why is the health and wellness space flooded with bad information?

11:53 – How are anecdotes accelerating medical research?

19:04 – What is leaky gut?

22:47 What are glyphosates and how do they affect our bodies?

29:00 – How do Artificial Sweeteners affect our body?

31:22 – What is HPA/HPAT Axis Dysfunction and what are its symptoms?

37:16 – What can you do to reverse HPA/HPAT Axis Dysfunction?

42:21 What is intuitive eating?

48:09 – What is the repeated exposure effect?

1:01:59 – How does the central nervous system affect our workouts?

1:05:09 – What is mindful eating?

1:10:20 – What are some of your personal mindfulness practices?

1:12:30 – What are the studies behind the breathing technique?

1:13:17 – Where can everybody find your work?

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