Safe weight gain tips for Underweight kids – Dr.Varsha Saxena

Underweight baby is the term used by many mothers, if you feel that your baby is Underweight you should meet a pediatrician because this is termed only when the baby weight is less than third percentile of his weight on growth chart. After having consultation with the pediatrician and if he feels that there is no medical condition causing this underweight, mothers can encourage weight gain in baby in a healthy way, by providing empty calories with high fat and high sugar diet. This can be done giving high protein diet like eggs, meat, soya protein and nuts can be included in the diet. Carbohydrate food like cold wheat bread, pastas and chapattis can be given. Fruits which are high in calorie like banana, mangoes can be provided. High calorie supplementary drinks can also be provided. Most of the cases the child improves over a period of time and there is no need of any worry as the child is growing healthy and active.


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