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Detoxification is not just for the movie stars who abuse painkillers anymore. New evidence has shown that just about everyone needs detox – not for drug use, but to clean out the colon, blood system, liver, and other organs that have been building up potentially toxic amounts of unhealthy matter over the years. Lots of people are jumping on the detox diet bandwagon, and for good reason, too.

With all the preservatives, hormones, air pollutants, pesticides, and even fat (think fast food) that gets into our bodies every day, it just makes sense to clean the temple from time to time. You wouldn’t go without cleaning the house for very long, and you shouldn’t go very long without cleaning out the body, either.

Here are three delicious recipes for detox diets. Give them a try if you want to help cleanse your system and/or lose some weight:

1) Veggie Broth

• A head of fresh broccoli
• A cup of fresh spinach leaves
• A of celery
• A pot full of distilled water

Simply cut up the vegetables into very small pieces. Put them in the pot of water, cover, and bring them to a full boil. Then, reduce the heat to a simmer and let all those nutrients seep out of those vegetables into the water. After about thirty minutes, drain the mixture. Discard the vegetables, and drink the broth. Yummy and a good colon cleanser!

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