Pre diabetic diet plan | Treat Diabetes without medicine with diet (Hindi)

बढ़ी हुई शुगर को बिना दवाई खाए, डाइयेट से ठीक केरने के उपाय. शुगर कंट्रोल कैसे करे. Khana pina sudhar ker , walking ker ke apni sugar ko kam kariye . Dawai lene ki jaroorat nahi.

0:02 – Introduction
0:38 – what is pre-diabetes, when to follow this diet plan?
1:03 – causes of high blood sugar/pre diabetes and remedies
2:13 – Pre diabetes diet plan
5:51 – Important Key points
6:42 – Intermittent fasting for diabetes –
– Keto diet plan for diabetes –
7:23 – Print out link –
7: 46 – Diet services –

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To take a PRINTOUT and read this in ENGLISH:

Indian Diet Plan for Pre-Diabetes (Reverse it with food and exercise)

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