Plate my Meal™ – Eating Right, Right from the Start!

All parents want their children to eat healthy.
90% of the testify they find it challenging.

Plate my Meal has an innovative, cheap, fun and easy-to-use solution for parents, children and families.

Plate my Meal launched its parent’s 3-step solution for encouraging children to eat healthy.
A new habits building product to instill healthy eating habits to babies and young children.

Building a Lifetime of Healthy Eating Habits !

The ‘Plate my Meal’ 3-step solution:
1. WHEN to eat – 5 designated plates for 5 meals and snacks a day
2. WHAT to eat – Choose from a variety of foods and food groups suggested on each plate
3. HOW MUCH to eat – Portion control by compartment size

Plate my Meal™ products and concepts have been test marketed and endorsed by leading figures in the field.


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