Picky Eaters

Picky eaters

Why does it happen?
• Many children have good and bad days with eating and it is a normal part of growing up for most children
• Bad days can last for longer periods of time when any of the following occur:
• Mealtimes becoming a power struggle – with parents insisting on eating everything on the plate
• Force feeding – which makes them stubborn and resist whatever is offered
• Bribing or punishing – the child for not eating
• Undue attention to this habit – by constantly talking about it in the child’s presence

What to do?
• Prepare appetizing meals making the foods colourful (by using different veggies or fruits) and of different shapes (using a cookie clutter) making sure to include some of the kids favourite foods
• Have regular meal times and snack times
• Let your child help with preparing the meal and allow them to pick a fruit or vegetable while grocery shopping which they would like to eat
• Offer small quantities of food which is packed in calories (such as roti dough kneaded with cheese and spinach and rolled out in layers will give more calories and nutrition to a single roti)
• Do not let your child nibble on any food, juices or milk between the snack and meal times as this will allow them to feel hungry
• If your child does not eat in a specified time period then just clear his plate and do not offer him anything else until the next meal
• Remember to be a good model by eating a variety of food and also in making healthy food choices

When to worry?
• When your child is not gaining or losing weight
• Has vomiting or abdominal pain along with refusal to eat
• Any urinary complaints of burning sensation or pain while peeing
• Irregularities in bowel movements- diarrhea or constipation
• Is getting tired easily and unable to participate in regular play

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