picky eaters, Kidfresh / 'Moms Own Words' Blog Review

picky eaters, healthy kids foods: http://www.kidfresh.com

Our Totally Twisted Pasta + Meatballs with all natural beef meatballs and tomato sauce got a tumbs up from James! Another fresh twist from Kidfresh, this time on the delicious Pasta & Meatballs. We’ve combined a traditional recipe including all-natural beef meatballs in a tomato sauce. The secret: we’ve blended a half cup of vegetables and seamlessly mixed them in the marinara. Better than the original…

Quote: “James is my pickiest eater and I honestly wasn’t sure if he would like it. This meal’s sauce contains tomatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. (Good luck Kidfresh!) Find out what he thought of the Totally Twisted Pasta and Meatballs.”

Read the entire review on ‘Moms Own Words’ Blog: http://bit.ly/gkv6y4


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