Picky Eaters! How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Part 2 | Keri Glassman

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Not to get negative, but we need to get into the 5 DON’Ts for picky eaters.

Don’t say diet: If we can avoid it around this topic, all the better. Take it out of your vocabulary once in for all right now!
Don’t reward with food: This is a toughie, and everyone’s done it! But don’t make it a habit. Come up with your own system that works for you.
Don’t try to control your kid’s hunger cues: It’s hard enough to control our own! Kids are much better at knowing if they’re hungry or not, and forcing them to clean their plate can teach them to unlearn how to listen to their bodies. Kids aren’t loaded down with emotional issues tied to eating, and we want to keep it that way! Empower your kids to listen to their bodies as much as possible.
Don’t isolate your overweight child: Don’t make an overweight or underweight child feel different in your family. Create a food culture for your family that everyone is on board with and stick to it.
Don’t deprive your child of cake: Whatever it is: cake, cookies, fries. If you’re out at a birthday party and everyone’s eating cake, let your kid have cake! Your child should be able to see that there are times and places to indulge in food. If you deprive them in a social situation, it could lead to emotional or closet eating.

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