Parasites in food, how to get rid of parasites, cleansing your body, House Talk 4 Part 3

Jim Roby, Tom Jones, John Massitti and Marko Vovk discuses, building codes, ICC, International Code Council, houses do not dry, chemical sensitivity, flu shots, paralysis from flu shots, children allergies, hand sanitizes cause high blood alcohol, wood foundation, basement mad of wood, basement moisture, parasites in food, parasites in the food, parasites in meat, parasites from dogs, parasites from pets, parasites from cats, parasites from wildlife, toxoplasma gondii, brain parasites, parasites caused by cats, cat litter box, crazy cat lady, odor from urine, odor from hog farms, odor from pig farms, body odor from your home, body odor from cat urine, sweater that smell, sweaters that smell like mold, clothe in the dryer that have odor, and doing laundry. Additionally , moldicide, “Steri Cell” mold amplicon, moisture cause mold to grown, basement mold odor, musty basement, dryer filter, repair of appliances, old appliances, paid laundry appliances, contaminated public laundry appliances, heartburn , arthritis , rubato’s arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, EDS, vibration signal in our body, vibration of forming material in your body, and parasite cleansing. Furthermore colon cleansing, intestinal cleansing, small intention cleansing, large intestine cleansing, cancer caused by parricide , parricides defecate in your body, American Parakite Society, educate people, acidy caused by food, and high body acid levels. Furthermore, cancer likes acid, cancer like acidic bodies, neutralize body PH levels, how to identify parricides in your body, sugar causes cancers, eliminate sugar from your diet, protozoa in your body, the hook worm, thread worm cause cancers, the thread worm is fine, thread worm in your longs, thread worm cause flam, thread worm eggs in your stomach, swelling your flam causes parasites , chemotherapy and radiation, free radicals, free radical damage. Finally, Ralph Repp, Turner construction, channel scalar energy, energy from the stars, energy from the sun, shingles cause by weather change, full moon causes active parasites, children get wild at full moon, kids get crazy with full moon, parasites are most active during the full moon, flooded ducts under concrete slabs, water in ducts under slabs, HVAC in the attic, HVAC in a non-conditioned space, ice dams, thermal bypass, flexible ductwork and duct leakage. . Finally, all four residential and commercial consultants, discus home inspection, home invitations, how to inspect your home, why homes have moisture problems, why homes have problems, homes that have IAQ indoor air problems, how people gets sick from homes and much more.
JOHN MASSITTI You can contract John Massitti at Cleveland Waterproofing Inc. Phone: (216) 523-9900 Fax: (216) 523-9901 located at 2501 West 3rd. St., Cleveland, OH 44113.
TOM JONES You can contact Tom Jones at K.T. Group, Inc. Troy, MI Phone: (248) 828-1603 Fax: (248) 928-5333 E-mail:, Web:
JIM ROBY You can contact Jim Roby at STS Technology (Steritec) (216) 410-1090, Phone: (216) 451-6653 Fax: (216) 451-5710 or website ,
MARKO VOVK You can contract Marko Vovk at 216-924-8378 or ClevelandMarko on Youtube , or “Call Marko With a Question” on Google and pay $29 and receive a 15 minute phone call to solve your house problem.
Parasites in food, how to get rid of parasites, cleansing your body, House Talk 4 Part 3

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