nutrition 101 – 5 easy steps to healthy eating

Nutrition 101

5 simple steps to healthy eating.

This is designed as a simple guide to get you started on the road to healthy eating, in later episodes, we will look at more detailed protocols for gaining muscle, losing fat, eating for performance etc.

Nutrition is the means by which we fuel our activities. Everything we do is fueled by the food that passes our lips. On a cellular level, we literally are what we eat.
The quality and quantity of the food that we eat, directly influences our mental and physical performance, body shape, and mindset.

The first steps :
Nutrition can be a mine field of misinformation and money grabbing trojan horse, fad diets that offer huge results in a short time period. The harsh reality is that the only way to have long lasting, HEALTHY results is to commit to long term food changes and restructure your eating habits.
Nutrition is the base on which all of your health protocols should be based. No matter how much you sweat in the gym, if you are making bad food choices, you will not get the results that you desire.

Step 1
Remove the sugars. Period.
Sugar is the devil!
Get rid of any food sources with added sugars, including sauces and toppings.

Step 2
Remove the grains.
I have yet to see someone remove grains from their diet and not feel positive effects from it. At the very least, you will be removing a large portion of simple starches from your diet which your body effectively treats as sugar

Step 3
Remove all processed foods. Anything that has been processed usually contains lots of refined sugars, salts and preservatives. Which can all effect fat storage, hormone production and energy levels in a negative way.
Start cooking your own food from scratch, it’s way easier than you think. get connected to every ingredient that passes your lips.
If you need some inspiration, our very own Primal piggy has some great recipes that are simple and delicious

Step 4
Eat more earth grown nutrients. Every time you eat something ask yourself ” how many stages has this product been through before it reached my mouth”
The less, the better.
The fresher and less processed a food source, the more nutritious and healthy it generally is. Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Step 5
Eat more healthy fats.
Seems counter intuitive but eating more healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, fish oils, fatty fish, even fattier cuts of meat (providing the source is grass fed or wild)
Will get your body used to metabolising fat as an energy source which means it is more likely to burn bodyfat.


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