Natural Cleanse – 3 Foods That Naturally Cleanse The Body

Here’s 3 Power Foods For Natural Cleanse that can significantly improve your colon health with natural remedies from home.
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Tip #1 – Drink Enough Water & Juices

The best way to have a toxin free colon is by drinking plenty of water. It’s recommended that you drink 10 to 12 glasses daily. Regular intake of water gives your body enough liquid to flush harmful toxins out of your body naturally.

Water also balances electrolytes in your body making you feel hydrated and full of energy.

You can also add sea salt into your water. Sea salt has detoxifying properties and when mixed with water helps in removing toxins from your bowels.

If you decide to use sea salt for detoxification, it’s recommended that you increase your water intake so that you are sufficiently hydrated and there is no imbalance of electrolytes in your body.

You can also supplement your water intake with apple juice or fresh lemon juice. These juices have very high antioxidant properties that detoxify any toxins in your colon. These juices also have plenty of vitamin C which is good for the digestion process because it increases your metabolism rate naturally.

Tip #2 – Eat Healthy Vegetables & Fruits

When doing a colon cleanse, it’s best for you to avoid cooked or processed food for a few days. Instead, replace processed foods with raw green vegetable juice. The chlorophyll present in raw green vegetables has antioxidant properties that aid in removal of toxins from your body.

Green vegetables also have minerals, vitamins and amino acids that will keep your body in good health. You can use beets, corn, carrots, squash, kale, spinach or any available green vegetables to make this kind of healthy juice.

You can supplement the fresh vegetable juice with foods that are rich in fiber to help remove toxins from your body. Nuts, beans, whole grains and fresh fruits are rich in fiber and eating them improves your bowel movement, so your body flushes out waste products and toxins more efficiently.

Another great way is to eat flaxseed which is an excellent source of antioxidants, natural fibers and omega-3 amino acids. Flaxseed absorbs water and expands in the colon aiding bowel movements and therefore assisting in the removal of toxins and waste products from your colon. It has also been proven efficient in helping prevent diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Tip #3 – Try These Power Foods

Fresh yogurt introduces good bacteria into your gut promoting digestion and has been proven to prevent inflammation of the intestines. It also contains calcium that discourages cells lining the colon from growing. Yogurt supports your bowel movement to flush out toxins naturally.

One secret tip is to try Aloe Vera which is an antioxidant and acts naturally as a laxative. These and other medicinal properties of Aloe Vera make it highly effective in removing toxins from your body and keep you in good shape.

It’s well known in Asia, that ginger helps to reduce bloating and stimulates the colon to function optimally. It also helps your digestion by stimulating production of stomach fluids that are essential for your colon health. This makes sure, that your digestive system is working efficiently and very little or no toxins are left in your colon.

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