My Weight Loss Journey to fight Diabetes, Cholesterol & Polio: 20 Kgs in 5 months by Srinivas

Watch Srinivas’s powerful weight loss journey- a village lad who fought Polio, Diabetes & High Cholesterol to become a real-life inspiration for millions of us! Not only did he make his weight loss story a success, but he chose to fight the most dreaded diseases when most of us would have given up!

Srinivas shares how he got a complete weight loss transformation through Trusugar, a mission to fight Type-2 diabetes by Truweight. Today, he has lost 20 Kgs and his blood sugar and cholesterol levels dropped down without any medication in just 5 months!

Struggling with thyroid and cholestrol can make weight loss very difficult. More so when due to polio in his leg, Srinivas could not exercise and started gaining more weight. Highly motivated to lose weight, he decided to fight this battle with the help of Truweight, and now considers it to be one of the best decisions of his/her life! With thyroid diet tips and continuous motivation to lose weight from the Truweight dieticians, and a well-structured weight loss diet plan with yummy superfood recipes, he has learnt the way of healthy eating and healthy living!

Watch this video as he shares his inspiring journey before and after weight loss!

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