My PARASITE Cleanse!

In this video, Teshia talks about her personal parasite cleansing protocol, and gives advice to those who might want to do one too:)

Discussion includes: how to properly prepare the body for cleansing, the parasite cleansing diet she is choosing to follow, and the herbal extract protocol she is using to heal. SEE details below!

Teshia’s Protocol:

Upon waking (6am): drink 1/2 L water with lemon (wait 1hr)

7am: 1/2 tbsp (clove, wormwood, black walnut brew)

7:30 : 1 tsp of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth mixed with water. Follow with more water.

8:00: breakfast (whole foods, low sugar / starch)

11-12m: lunch (whole foods, low sugar / starch)

3pm: small snack if needed (whole foods, low sugar / starch)

6pm dinner (whole foods, low sugar / starch)
* 2 probiotic capsules

8pm: 1/2 tbsp parasite brew

10pm: 1tsp Diatomaceous Earth

* throughout the day: lemon water, apple cider vinegar in water, herbal teas, occasionally – green tea

REALLY need a boost? Tiny amount of raw cacao should help and not impede results

Comment below with any questions or, if you would like additional information re: how you can get the essential oils Teshia mentioned.

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