My experience with the Lemon Detox/Master Cleanse

This video is about my Lemon Detox/Master Cleanse experience. I am not a nutritionist please consult your doctor before starting this cleanse. I am only talking from my POV.
The reason I chose to do this detox is because I had read so much about it, i used resources such as for the break down of what exactly this cleanse would be doing to my body. I also used and other websites to build my understanding of this Master Cleanse. After you have done your own personal research and consulted your doctor, feel free to begin your journey.

During the course of your journey you can not consume solid food. This detox will serve as your Meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When ever you get hungry just drink and you will notice your hunger melt away.

I got all my ingredients from Whole Foods.

So heres the deal

In the morning before you drink your detox your going to need to drink 1Quart of warm water mixed with 2 teaspoon of Sea Salt

Salt Water Flush in the morning while doing The Master Cleanse to create a bowel movement and eliminate the toxins in your waste that is continually being eliminated during your cleanse. Since you’re not eating any solid food, you’ll need to create a bowel movement, and the Saltwater Flush will do that.


Here is what you Need:


Organic Maple Syrup
Cayenne pepper

Benefits of each ingredients||

The lemon juice acts as the main replacement for all your meals. Since this detox diet requires the elimination of solid food for a week or so (minimum), it is necessary to replace it with something else that would allow the body to function more or less normally.

The juice has to be freshly squeezed each time (daily dose) for better results. It would also be good to use organic lemons since they are cultivated naturally and are devoid of any fertilizer chemicals.

The maple syrup, apart from being the drink sweetener, it also helps eliminate toxins from the body. Keep in mind that you will need an organic and rich maple syrup. There are so many artificially flavored syrups on the market today that customers have to be very discerning shoppers especially when they need very specific ingredients. The cayenne pepper is the kicker ingredient (quite literally) that is necessary to achieve the goal of the detox plan. Cayenne pepper contains substances that allow the body to burn off more calories from fat as well as cleanse the colon and intestinal walls thoroughly. This ingredient forces all the waste materials out of the body by way of bowel movements until the digestive system regains status quo.

The pure water (use distilled not mineral water) ensures that all the three other ingredients as mixed together well. Be sure to use only pure water because impurities can negate any positive effects the recipe can provide.


At night time drink a Detox Tea it also aids with bowl movements.

THIS BATCH IS A 2 LITER BATCH MADE FOR A FULL DAY they do have others that you can do for 1/2 a day or partial. I did the 2 Liter batch for 10 days and I lost 9lbs.

I am currently at 142lbs and i use proper eating and exercise to maintain my weight. I do not over eat and indulge in fast food.

Be sure to stay positive and strong you can do it I believe in YOU!


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