Mobile Dairy Classroom: Learn About Nutrition, Milk and Healthy Eating

Experience the Mobile Dairy Classroom Assembly, online. This video demonstrates a live cow and teaches students where milk comes from. (Learn more, see the complete Mobile Dairy Classroom lesson, and even book a visit to your school at Teachers can use the video series as classroom enrichment for lessons on nutrition, healthy eating, and the role milk and dairy have in building strong teeth and bones. The farm to school video can be used stand-alone to educate students on health and nutrition, or is an excellent preview of the interaction of students with a live dairy cow with the Mobile Dairy Classroom. Excellent for teachers and students who would like to understand local dairy agriculture, this video lesson answers questions like: What types of cows provide milk? How do you milk a cow? How does pasteurization and homogenization work? Learn about My Plate and the five food groups that make up a nutritious meal.

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