Master Cleanse Diet: An Overview of the Master Cleanse

My quick overview of the Master Cleanse diet.

As I explain in this video, the Master Cleanse diet (otherwise known as the Lemonade Diet) involves preparing a special lemonade every day. During the Master Cleanse diet you consume that special lemonade to cleanse your body and mind. As part of the Master Cleanse diet you also consume a precise mixture of sea salt and water first thing every morning to flush the toxins out. You also consume a cup of a specific herbal tea before bed. The tea at night and the salt water flush in the morning are essential to your success with the Master Cleanse diet because you don’t consume any foods during the Master Cleanse. Without foods (and therefore without any fiber) during the Master Cleanse diet, the toxins unleashed by the lemonade would just back up in your body.

As I explain in this overview, the Master Cleanse diet can produce amazing results in a short period of time. I list some of the common health benefits of the Master Cleanse diet, as well as the specific benefits I experienced.

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