Lymphatic Cleanse Tea Recipe

Lymphatic Cleanse Recipe

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The lymphatic system is not commonly talked about, but is a critical part of the body—you have twice as much lymph fluid as blood! It is a network of tissues and organs that rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials; it is part of your natural sewage treatment system. Here, you will learn how to drain your lymphatic fluids safely.
A primary function of the lymphatic system is to transport lymph fluid. Lymph fluid contains white blood cells that are instrumental in fighting infection all throughout the body. Thus, a healthy lymphatic system is key to a healthy body.


3 Basil Leaves
1/2 tsp cinnamom powder
2 tsp fenugreek seeds
2 whole cloves
3 slices raw ginger

6 Cups boiling water

Put spices in a thermos, cover with boiling hot water and strain. Drink 4-6 cups per day during a cleanse.
Although there are many reasons why the lymphatic system and lymph nodes may become congested, these can be narrowed down to three major causes.

Stress has been identified as the cause of about 80% of all chronic health issues. The chemistry of stress is degenerative and lymph congesting.

Digestive imbalances may irritate intestinal villi, which is a classic reason for lymph congestion. As the majority of the lymph in the body surrounds the gut (Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissues – GALT), the quality of the villi are critical for proper lymph flow, detoxification, assimilation, and immunity.
Iodine deficiency is also a common cause of lymphatic congestion. Iodine helps to mitigate the effects of a toxic environment and supports the lymphatic system at the cellular level.
Constricting clothings that are tight-fitting such as brassieres with underwire, can impede normal lymphatic flow. One of the largest clusters of lymph nodes is located in the armpit and upper chest area, and those nodes act as a source of drainage for the breast, arm, and upper chest. When a bra is too tight, or if the underwire is too restrictive (for most of us this is the case), the lymph is constricted, preventing normal drainage. Some researchers believe that over a period of time this can cause long-term impairment of the lymphatic function, and may contribute to an array of conditions including fibrocystic breast tissue, swollen lymph nodes and breast cancer.

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