Lose Weight Cure Type 2 Diabetes Depression & Food Addiction

Go to http://www.wlsa.com.au/live-webinar.html to join a regular live broadcast where we explain how to lose weight and maintain weight loss. There are many medical options for weight loss that include both surgical and non-surgical procedures. To join our support program visit http://wlsasupport.com

Supporting people on their weight-loss journey and offering assistance in a non-judgemental way regardless of whether you require surgery or just the psychological and dietary support to help you lose weight.

We provide advice that will help you lose weight and get the mindset right when it comes to conquering food addiction, curing type II diabetes and helping you beat depression.

The psychologists that are part of our Gold Coast weight-loss support network can assist you in changing your attitude to food giving you a proven system to beat food addiction and change your eating habits.

Our Dietician is always on hand to provide meal planning advice and monitor your calorie intake so that you remain satisfied and don’t become malnourished.

We have a full qualified bariatric nurse to make adjustments to gastric band patients and to help with other cosmetic advice.

Please visit our main website at http://wlsa.com.au


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