Juicing Recipes : Juice Cleanse Body Detox Diet – Year In Review – Bananas

A 2013 Year In Review of “Getting the Gunk Out” for busy professionals in the Bay Area, California. Featuring Michele, detox juice cleanse recipes, superfood smoothie blends, gourmet raw food creations, many beautiful CSA vegetables and organic fruits.


If you wash, eat, drink or breathe everyday, then your body is accumulating toxins. Even if you are eating organic foods, you are still subject to taking in environmental toxins in the air, water and foods that we consume every day. That can’t be good for you, right?

So, no matter where you live, if you’d like to learn what gunk you’ve got and HOW to get it out and why, visit my site and join us!


Leave a comment below and tell me YOUR favorite juice!

Music by LemoLive

Original “Bananas” Recording by
Roaring Lion — “the only calypsonian vocalist of his generation that could read and write musical notation.”

Watch his version…

Thanks for watching. Eat Clean. Love you. Take good care.

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