I Know Why It's Yum Mum – Healthy Eating Workshop For Kids

I Know Why It’s Yum Mum – Healthy Eating Workshop For Kids

Our Vision and Mission

To contribute both towards efforts to decrease levels of obesity in children, and to increase their consumption of fruit and vegetables, by enabling and encouraging children (two to 11 year olds) to actively make informed, healthy eating decisions for themselves, now and in the long term.

Our Mission

We passionately believe that by teaching children about the nutritional value of different fruit and vegetables in an interactive, memorable way, they will improve their understanding of how food choices they make affect their bodies and minds. We use a combination of actors and/or nutritionally qualified facilitators to deliver a lively, participative musical production, followed by workshops that are appropriately tailored to the socio economic background of the school, and age of the children. We ground all the information we convey in real facts- we tell children (and anyone else who will listen!) how and why different foods affect their physical and/or emotional health.
” YOU are amazing. YOUR show and actors are amazing. You ARE making a difference to these children” Yinka Euwola, Eagle Solutions Services Limited


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