How to juice cleanse? (Why do a juice cleanse) and (Benefits of juice cleanse)

How to juice cleanse? Why do a juice cleanse? Benefits of juice cleanse? And How to come off a juice cleanse? These are all questions I will answer in my video.
The important thing to remember about juice cleansing is why are you doing a juice cleanse in the first place? Is it for losing weight? Health benefits such as detoxing the body or are you wanting to try it out because so many other people are doing it. Juice cleansing is a nice way to get your body back into a habit of eating more whole foods but it is not something you should do for the rest of your life because you would be depriving yourself of many other important nutrients that the body needs. Juice cleansing is also a good way to detox the body. I would hope that the goal for anybody doing a juice cleanse is to put yourself back in a state of living and eating a healthy lifestyle and not just using it for weight lose purposes.

Now juice cleansing can be done in many different ways but most big juice cleanse programs out there get it wrong because they focus a lot on fruits and not too much on the vegetables which should be the main percentage of your juice and not the other way around. The reason being is that fruit is high in sugar and a concentrated juice that is primarily fruit has extreme levels of sugar and ultimately will not benefit helping you lose weight or reaching your health goals. I will discuss more about this in my video.
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