How To Improve Your Gut Health Using A Whole Food Plant Based Diet: Scott Mathias

Welcome to Scott Mathias Raw! I’m all about helping you IMPROVE your diet and your GUT HEALTH with a whole food plant based diet, using food as your medicine.

Years of chronic stress and unhealthy eating left me with chronic acid reflux and all the other painful and embarrassing symptoms that come with it.

A serious reflux attack in the middle of the night left me gasping for breath and when it happened again a week later, I knew I had to do something drastic or else I may not survive another attack. It was a very scary experience and one that is compeltely avoidable… which is why I do what I do today.

Gut health is a trending topic right now and I’m here to show you how SIMPLE and EASY it is to IMPROVE your gut by removing certain foods that cause painful symptoms such as acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn, nausea and bloating after eating.

I’ll also teach you how replacing certain bad foods with food that will help your body to heal naturally. IMAGINE living a pain-free lifestyle without having to use certain medications that can give short term relief yet can often create long term problems.

So if you suffer from chronic conditions like Diverticulitis, IBS, Crohns, Celiac Disease etc., be assured that what I share here will give you some simple ideas and clearer understanding of how important a healthy gut is to each and every one of us.

Many of these videos are testimonials from happy clients who have found relief by doing what I did and making some quick and easy changes to their eating habits.

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Scott Mathias: Former TV & Radio Presenter and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Author of 4 books on gut health and raw food recipes.


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