How To Get & Stay Motivated To Eat A Healthy Diet – Want to know how to get motivated to eat a healthy diet? Need more motivation to stick to a diet plan? Learn how to get more motivation to stay on your diet using the latest findings of modern psychology and neuroscience in this on-going video series.

In this video, you’ll find out what created a permanent shift in my thinking and motivation. This one thing changed my life forever, and is responsible for keeping me motivated all through the years.

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In “How To Stick To A Diet” video series you’ll learn:

Why willpower alone doesn’t work, and what the proper role of willpower really is.

Which “force” is stronger than willpower.

When goals can actually be detrimental to success and what their purpose is.

How to rewire your brain and reprogram your genetics.

How you can overcome and stop junk food cravings.

What the biggest mistake people make is when starting a diet.

How you can change your habits permanently, even if you’ve had them your entire life.

Tons more!

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