How to Ferment Foods | Fermented Cabbage Benefits Gut Health

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How to Ferment Foods | Fermented Cabbage Benefits Gut Health ****

In this video I share how to ferment foods for all those good cultures and probiotics for gut health, such as fermented cabbage sauerkraut. Literally spend pennies on the dollar to obtain optimal digestion and enzymes. #thejennifermac #fermentation #probiotics

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1-2 heads cabbage
1 teaspoon to tablespoon sea salt per cabbage head
1 carrot

DIRECTIONS: With a food processor or by hand, finely shred the vegetables. Massage the cabbage and salt until there is enough juice to rise above the contents. Add the shredded carrot. Pack into a jar or bowl. Ferment for a few days to a few weeks and out of direct sunlight. Lid and store in the refrigerator. It will last quite a while

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About this video: Jennifer Mac shares how to get probiotics and how to make sauerkraut. Learn the best sauerkraut recipe and best sauerkraut recipes. Learn tips on making sauerkraut and How to Make Sauerkraut from Scratch. Learn How to Ferment Cabbage
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