How to Do Full Body Detox Cleanse : Detox for Weight Loss – VitaLife Show Ep 151
Lose the Toxins = Lose the weight, Internal Toxicity for Weight Loss. How to Do Full body Detox Cleanse : Best Detox Cleanse for Weight Loss
If you are suffering from many illnesses and your doctor can’t find what is wrong with you and you are convinced deep inside that something is not right then detoxification of all the internal organs is the number one (no.1) place to start. Toxins stored in these organs has caused many trips to the hospital for sufferers, without any relief from these health problems and many conventional doctors have not been able to diagnose many health concerns because they just don’t know or they are not trained to handle signs and symptoms of these kind of toxic effects.
It is important to know that when doing a detox cleanse, it is recommended to start with the colon detox that cleanses the colon first before going into other areas of our organs. When doing a detoxification protocol such as liver detox, kidney cleanse, lungs detox, digestive tract cleanse, and stomach cleanse it is better to do the colon cleanse first or find a detox that can clean all the internal organs at once. Let’s take liver cleanse for example, if you do a liver cleanse and the colon is still backed up with toxins it will cause an adverse effect and make you really sick from doing a detox, that is why most people shy away from detoxification of the key organs.
Dr. Bowring has formulated a detox regimen that does all the organ cleanses at once to avoid the problems with other organs dumping their toxic load onto other organs when that organ is not properly in the capacity to handle these toxins. The top 5 Detox organs are Liver, Lungs, Digestive Tract, Kidneys and the Skin. Full body cleanse is where it is at when it comes to detoxing all the internal organs at once. The benefit of doing a full body cleanse or detox is a clean bill of health, vibrancy, more energy, beautiful skin, brighter eye sights and general overall good health.
Lung detox, or cleansing the lungs of most toxins effecting the lungs, is important if you have been a smoker or have been exposed to toxic materials such as the ones we breath everyday or if you have ever taken medications. Medications contains toxins from chemicals which sit in the internal organs and causes a lot of side effects that cause many illnesses. If these toxins are not cleansed or treated on a regular basis using a full body detox, this can be very detrimental to our health. VitaDetox full body detox program was put together by Dr. Janine Bowring to help many suffering from toxins from the air we breathe, the food we eat, even the things we come in contact with on a daily basis that can unknowingly affect our health in a negative way.
What are the symptoms of Small and Large intestine toxins? Symptoms of intestinal toxins are listed as follows: Bloating, gas, digestive upset, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, Crohn’s and colitis. etc. Lose the Toxins = Lose the Fat, as your body holds onto the excess water weight as a way to get rid of toxins.
What are the symptoms of Lungs Toxins, Liver Toxins, Stomach Toxins, Skin Toxins and kidney Toxins?
Let start with the Liver toxins, most symptoms you will noticed when your liver is toxic or backed up is as follows: Hypothyroidism (Low thyroid), slow metabolism, weight gain etc.

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