Home Panchakarma | Deep Cleansing

Home Panchakarma | Deep Cleansing
Updated Panchakarma Vlog-type videos – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzfFFNG4p8A&list=PLcbWh8uU82KFrpwOAFfHmBG5n_6YB63sZ

Can we do panchakarma during cycle?
No, especially your periods should not fall to days when you have to do oil massage.
Should we eat only kichri for all 11 days?
Yes you can, but we ate kichri only last 5 days. According to the rule you need to eat kichri after drinking purgative for 2-3 days because your digestive system is weak.

Should we eat only lunch and dinner?
When you drink ghee you mostly will skip your breakfast and take only lunch and dinner.
When you are eating kichri after ghee drinking days then you can eat all 3 meals.

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