High Protein Diet Benefit Diabetics

People with type 2 diabetes may benefit from a higher-protein diet, If they have a particular gene related to vitamin D metabolism. The study of overweight adults with type 2 diabetes found that people lost a similar amount of weight over two years whether they followed a high-protein, low-protein, low-fat or high-fat diet. People with a particular gene variant that boosts blood levels of vitamin D, showed bigger reductions in insulin and improved insulin sensitivity when they ate a higher-protein diet. The present study revealed the gene DHCR7 helps the body to synthesize vitamin D. Most of the study participants had at least one copy of the “T” variant of that gene, which boosts blood levels of vitamin D. Diabetic people responded better to the higher-protein plan if they carry the “T” variant of the gene. People with the “T” variant derive more vitamin D from those foods, versus people without the variant. Higher vitamin D levels, in turn, might improve people’s insulin sensitivity. People should eat a balanced diet and get regular exercise. Eating a balanced diet with high-quality proteins, healthy fats and fiber-rich carbs, rather than processed carbs is the most important thing. the “high-protein” diets in this study actually contained moderate amounts One should get around 25% of the calories from protein, but most people don’t take that much protein. people should make sure they get the recommended amounts of vitamin D, either from food or a multivitamin. The daily recommendation for vitamin D varies slightly with age. Researchers do hope to one day tailor diet plans to better fit people’s genetic profiles.
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