Healthy Weight Loss Programs and How Can I Eat Healthy on a Budget Healthy Weight Loss Programs and How Can I Eat Healthy on a Budget

Q: How can I eat healthy on a budget?

1. Buy fresh food vs canned/packaged/boxed foods – Processed foods have so many unnatural things that are added in to make it taste good but they aren’t good for you if you are on healthy weight loss programs. I am sure if you read the label you won’t even be able to pronounce most of the ingredients.

It is so much better to cook your own food. You may be thinking oh my goodness it costs so much to buy healthy fresh food, but I’m here to fill you in on a little secret. You will actually save money! I was at Sprouts the other day and saw that TV dinners are $5 and a can of soup was $4. I know that the majority of people are buying these packaged foods for convenience so make your food ahead of time and you will do awesome on your healthy weight loss programs.

2. Pack your lunch by turning last night’s dinner into a salad – It is boring to eat the same food for every meal. So by turning last night’s dinner into a salad you will be able to change up the flavor by adding dressing. You will also save money because you won’t have to eat out. If you do go out to eat then just bring along you salad.

3. If you go out to dinner with a friend share an entrée and a salad – I do this with my husband and friends. It saves money because going out to dinner costs about $30 per person plus they normally serve too big of portions so you won’t gain weight during your healthy weight loss programs.

Share with me how you eat healthy on a budget by commenting below.

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